[bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Thu Mar 11 19:46:58 EST 2004


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Subject: Re: [bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?

I'm about 2 hours away. Might be easier to download the iso and install it
on a machine - use debian 3 :P
But, im flexible. I could install a box and bring it to you if required :P


uhhh... i was kidding (although i could have used you last night :-)
wait, is there some sort of magic that i'm missing. isn't debian3 what
'stable' is? if so, this is what i installed from an iso, but this is the
version w/ the ancient c++ compiler that isn't ever going to compile bfv.
looking through the package list (i seriously had to have a web browser open
rather than scrolling through dselect, there has to be a better way) g++-3.3
brought in glibc2.3 and a slew of other changes. is there a way of setting
the wayback machine to when something happened? (or the way forward machine
since newer libstdc++'s have some differences that might bring in fewer
symbols, which might be how gentoo doesn't have this issue).
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