[bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Thu Mar 11 19:21:45 EST 2004

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> Subject: [bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?
> Ok, just my two cents...
> - Many ppl still have servers with glibc <= 2.2 (at least I think so)
> - Many of these ppl don't have any clue on how to update this 
> correctly (as I am)
> - Some of them (or should I say most?) are having a public server "for
> fun"...

ok, to clarify. 

i'm still working on figure out the 'right' way of fixing this so that it
runs everywhere (or close enough). my mail was more that i've fixed some
thing that made it unusable for a lot of people and i want to have other
stuff tested too. i spent a lot of time yesterday w/ my head crammed up my
butt thinking that this was 'simple' when i should have cut a new build w/
incremental fixes knowing that .static was going to be broken for some # of

> If the BF:V-server is "based" on BF1942 V1.5, where exactly 
> is the problem to make it compatible to the older compilers?

first, bfv branched at 1.n where n is less than 5 (someone told me the
history, but the numbers didn't have a lot of context).

it isn't the compiler, it is the system i'm building on. i haven't looked at
the libraries that andreas is using but the ones that are on the debian
system have a lot of the functionality for internationalization etc built
in. some of these functions use newer features of glibc (i think that the
particular function i'm looking at right now went into 2.2.x so i'm not sure
why it is tagged as 2.3 in the .so) and isn't not 'optional' in any sense
that i can just #ifdef it away. i'm a programmer, and don't know jack about
admining systems so maybe i missed how to step through the debian releases.
it seemed like if you wanted a newer c++ compiler (there is one internal
feature of bfv that isn't in bf1942 that is a bitch and a half to compile
and get working on an older compiler, i tried for a few hours yesterday
before deciding it wasn't worth it) you had to take the whole shebang

ok, how about this for long shot. if someone is in london (ontario, canada
not the uk) can they loan me a distro that has a modern gcc that links
against glibc2.2.x? i told you it was a long shot :-)

anyway, the build w/ the following changes is just about done so i'll have
an incremental in a little bit (did i miss anything)

Revision history

Changes in this release:

1.0 the trifecta
    - fix bash-itis in license script
      (thanks to steven hartland)
    - <sigh> nuke should have been dead password file grovelling
      (thanks to andrew a. chen)
    - <sigh> i seem to have dropped custom ports along the way
      (thanks to incist)
    - merged the rest of 1.6's xml logging (that i had on my mental
      list of things to forget)
      (thanks to forrest thiessen)
    - evolution mode is a special case everywhere
    - random avoiding proliferating nan's and inf's
    - server may have a default (system dependent ip), but if the user
      wants to bind to a specific one, please do it.
      (thanks to kingsley foreman)
    - some crap stripping that is not apparent to the naked eye

1.0 le deuxieme
    - don't assume . is in the path for the license script
      (thanks to kingsley foreman and steve getman)

1.0 the original sin
    - initial release so there've been a lot

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