[bf1942] bfv static-ness poll

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Thu Mar 11 15:26:53 EST 2004

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> From: David Snodgrass [mailto:dave at pmmci.com]
> Subject: Re: [bf1942] bfv static-ness poll
> My sentiments exactly - "we" can fix our own systems, "we" 
> cant fix bf1942 -
> Let us upgrade, you fix the stuff we cant. :)
> On 3/11/04 4:20 PM, "Andrew A. Chen" <achen-bf1942 at divo.net> wrote:
> > Let's see a new build, even if it is 2.3-only.  As long as the
> > home-directory-not-found-crash problem is fixed, I'm 
> golden.  Thanks.

groovy, two respondents in a matter of seconds :-)

i'm in the middle of a build right now so i'll do a sanity check of the
stuff that i think i've fixed and send another mail w/ the usual

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