[bf1942] bfv - debian help needed

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Re: [bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essaipeter.chang at dicecanada.com

do you or andres have any idea on the ASE/Gamespy issue im having ??

also the freezing console?


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  so i finally managed to downgrade my installation down to something w/ glibc2.2 but now the rest of the library is so old that i'm basically re-porting the whole thing (not good since i spent most of my time fighting msdev differences).

  i think i'm at debian stable 3.0, but what i really want is to get gcc 3.3 and libstdc++ w/o getting glibc2.3.x. the problem is that libstdc++ internally uses the head version of some glibc things. these in turn implicitly bring in symbols versioned 2.3. you can see this by doing an objdump -T of the .static exe. one of the ones i noticed was __uselocale. this is in the wstring support package and this symbol is aliased (for lack of a better word) straight to __uselocale at glibc_2.3 while the test in the c++library is for 2.2 or greater. 

  i'm not a apt-foo and my last attempt to do this (w/ andy's help just got me to unstable w/ the problem that we were facing this morning or yesterday depending on how much sleep one has gotten). someone else mentioned that 2.2 was old for stable, but that's what i got in the downgrade (perhaps i was a bit too agressive, but the only thing i was fixating on was glibc 2.2.5 or so)

  anyway, if this sort of picking and choosing isn't really possible then its back to glibc2.3 or hope that andreas (or someone else in the se office) has machine cycles to burn on a build

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