suspected bad problem that might need testing

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Wed Mar 10 23:40:26 EST 2004

Re: [bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essaiok I think I have found a bug that could cause real problems (correct me if im wrong)

Im testing on a gentoo box

ok if you add


to the config, ASE and gamespy don't work (they don't bind to a IP or so up in netstat)
if you don't use that line they work
can someone else also test this

also remote console is still freezing on me

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  anyone got this problem

  you type 

  admin.enableRemoteConsole blah  blah 4711

  in console
  and the whole server just stops..

  also if I have it in the config the server doesn't start


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      so now the question is what is the actual system requirement. it might just be that there is a symbol version that varies or something else. can a few people that cannot run the current .static binary mail me their actual's so that i can see for sure what is missing

    ok, i do need more sleep. i found the table that i'm looking for in the exe itself (shere i should have been looking). i'm not quite sure how not to pull in some of these symbols so it might be just to downgrade my system to build

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