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However, it would be nice to see v1.0 run on the same platforms bf1942 1.6
runs on, (ie. I don't want to have to upgrade 60 game servers come Monday
morning ;)
So if making a set of binaries not using a later glibc is doable, that might
be preferred. A LOT of people will have trouble with this, im sure.

ok, colour me fucking confused. i originally wrote that the static linking
for bfv was different because when i ran ldd on bf1942.static it said not a
dynamic object. now, when i run objdump -T on it i see it pulls in lots of
things from libc.so. now, if i dump all of the headers i see that it
requires libc.so.6 just like i did.
mostly just look at the dynamic section:
    NEEDED    libdll.so.2
    NEEDED    libm.so.6
    NEEDED    libncurses.so.5
    NEEDED    libpthread.so.0
    NEEDED    libc.so.6
so now the question is what is the actual system requirement. it might just
be that there is a symbol version that varies or something else. can a few
people that cannot run the current .static binary mail me their actual
libc.so.n's so that i can see for sure what is missing
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