[bf1942] BFV Server and XML Logs

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Wed Mar 10 17:33:36 EST 2004

Hi Peter,

Thank you for joining the list!

We make heavy usage of the remote console protocol to manage my servers... We 
have a web based, database driven admin system, and I'm really hoping that BFV 
will support this out of the box so we can have well managed servers from the 

Also, I noticed today on the FAQ that it looks like Capture The Flag gameplay 
mode was removed from BFV? Is it really removed, or does it just ship without 
CTF mode enabled on all the maps? Will we be able to create CTF mode maps 

I run a dedicated CTF server that has a rabid following of really good 
players, and we crave CTF.


So I don't know if the above comments qualify as the answer to your question 
about forgetting something... but I'm hoping you all didn't just give up on 
CTF... It is way more exciting gameplay than CQ mode if ya ask me.:)


Quoting PhoeniX <phoenix at lan-power.de>:

> RE: [bf1942] BFV Server and XML LogsPerhaps the maplist.con... in BF1942
> 1.6 you can change the Gameplaymode and the mods.
> At the beginning no problem, but then we don't need to rebuild our
> maplists when the first mods come out... ;-)
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>   i have the time while waiting for a debuggable build so i'll merge
> this from battlefield as well.
>   is there anything else that i failed to do :-)
>   \p


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