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The only way you can get around this is by running the server with write
access to the mods/bfvietnam/settings
directory or die trying :-)

i'm not sure what you mean here. getpwuid returns the password file entry
for the current euid. i was using this to find the current user's home
directory (mostly to mimic the intent of the call on windows, which was my
first mistake :-). non-final builds failed w/ a message, but final builds
just crash :-(

If you are concerned with security you can easily set up a sandbox settings
directory for a restricted user and
run the server with +overlayPath /home/dummyuser/writehere or something

hey, you're talking to the guy who doesn't lock his workstation when going
to lunch! no paranoia here.
anyway, i think the 'right' thing to do here is just punt on the whole home
directory thing and just use the settings path (which will use the overlay
path if it has been set) which is what i would have seen if i had been
checking 1.6 more frequently :-)
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