[bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essai

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Wed Mar 10 11:27:24 EST 2004

From: AIX Gaming [mailto:webmaster at aixgaming.com]
Subject: Re: [bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essai

> Hi, is it safe to start distributing this on my site File Rush (Game files
> etc) as the first release of the Battlefield Vietnam Linux server?  Or is
> this a test build? Thanks.

sorry about any confusion.

this is the version that should match the win32 version that ea is testing
(and i guess distributing). so, in that sense, it is final. however, it is
also the first non-win32 version that anyone other than me has ever run, so
in that sense calling it 'final' might be an exaggeration

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