[bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essai

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Wed Mar 10 11:19:15 EST 2004

Hi, is it safe to start distributing this on my site File Rush (Game files
etc) as the first release of the Battlefield Vietnam Linux server?  Or is
this a test build? Thanks.

> first, thanks to kingsley foreman and steve getman for setting us up w/ a
> place to stash this stuff and doing a quick sanity check (i failed
> completely :-)
> anyway, i stuck a new installer at
> http://bfvietnam.lightcubed.com/dist/bfv_linded-v1.0-20040310.1512.run
> http://bfvietnam.lightcubed.com/dist/bfv_linded-v1.0-20040310.1512.run.md5
> where the .md5 file is just a text file w/ the md5 checksum for the .run
> file (for the tinfoil hat brigade).
> kingsley's freebsd box isn't quite happy w/ the installer, but running the
> .run w/ --keep gets the binaries out in the open air.
> kingsley verified that the actual binaries worked on his gentoo and
> freebsd
> boxen (i don't know what versions) and i have it on debian 2.2.20 and
> 2.4.21-0.13mdk (the later might be a little suspect since it is virtual pc
> not even a real x86, but it does install and run on my mac too :-).
> reports
> to the list (either way) from people who have the time/inclination would
> be
> appreciated.
> i'll stick an announcement on the lightcubed forum (thanks again to steve)
> later if the world isn't completely foutu
> \p

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