[bf1942] Re: event logging doesn't work anymore since 1.6

Thomas Kuerten nospam at oddlnet.de
Tue Mar 9 12:56:56 EST 2004

Sorry, but didn't overlay path relate to several sever instances running 
in parallel ?

I have only one server instance that loads maps from different mods 
sequentially, mostly bf1942 orig and desert combat. The logs for the 
mods are written to <moddir>/logs, so I end up with

mods/desert combat/logs

If I put up statistics I have to merge those together to know what 
happened over two hours, it would be more convenient to get all those 
logfiles together in one directory.

As before 1.6 loading several mods in one server maplist was not 
possible, so the issue did not happen.

Or am I misunderstanding something ? :-)


Steven Hartland wrote:
>>So everything is fine, sorry for the troubles.
>>For processing the logs I would kindly request some configure option 
>>that puts them all into one central directory. As we can now run several 
>>different mods at once in the maplist, they can get kind of distributed 
>>and difficult to process...
>>Or does anyone have a hint on that ? ;-)
> +overlayPath <dir>
> Will sort that one for you.
>     Steve / K
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