[bf1942] Vietnam dedicated server?

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Tue Mar 9 10:54:57 EST 2004

If it helps at all, I'm willing to host any files that need to be on File
Rush.  We recently did major upgrades on our bandwidth and servers to
facilitate large audiences.  We're moving our bit torrent tracker over to
a monster machine/pipe this weekend.

> To be honest I wouldn't know. What I do know is that there's a very
> talented
> gentleman helping the DICE Canada team with the Linux server so it's up to
> that office to make arrangements for releases.
> I know Steve Getman has said he would be interested in maintaining the
> forum
> and download hosting for BF:V as well which is very good news.
> // Andreas
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>> Are we going to be able to get our mits on this early as we
>> have done in the past. Its a great help and a trend I would
>> love to see continue :)
>>     Steve / K
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