[bf1942] Re: event logging doesn't work anymore since 1.6

Thomas Kuerten nospam at oddlnet.de
Tue Mar 9 05:29:02 EST 2004

Hi Andreas,

thank you for the reply - of course I did not doubt that it is something 
missing or wrong in my configuration only ;-).

here is my serversettings.con (equivalent to servermanager.con for bfsmd):

game.serverEventLogging 1
game.serverEventLogCompression 0

As I checked again and shut down the server, I found that I am plainly 
stupid. I run desertcombat mod and of course I need to look into the 
correct mod directory for the logfiles :-)

So everything is fine, sorry for the troubles.
For processing the logs I would kindly request some configure option 
that puts them all into one central directory. As we can now run several 
different mods at once in the maplist, they can get kind of distributed 
and difficult to process...

Or does anyone have a hint on that ? ;-)

Thanks a lot,


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> It does work, I tried it as late as yesterday.
> Are you sure you're spelling the setting correctly?
> // Andreas
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Thomas Kuerten wrote:
>>I was just checking today and found out that the logging of 
>>the bf1942 Server stopped when I updated to 1.6.
>>I am using BFSM to do all this automatically an my Linux 
>>RH8 server, 
>>which usually works flawlessly and great. And yes, logging 
>>is enabled in the serversettings.con file.
>>Am I missing anything ? Call me stupid, but please give me 
>>a hint what might be wrong or how I could check.

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