[bf1942] Vietnam

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Mon Mar 1 20:27:00 EST 2004

Johan Stålnacke wrote:

> Eh, professional testing? NOT
> Has you not notice the new AUTO-SNIPER gun? M60..
> It's almost good at the sniper gun at looooong distance, not
> realistic at all....

The spread is still very large on the M60, but its accuracy (as well as 
the accuracy for all the other rifles) is indeed very good if you take 
the time to go prone.

Since I never served in Vietnam, I cannot tell if this is realistic, sorry.

However, it is balanced (the vietnamese weapons are almost as good, 
except the infamous AK47), and it's great fun. After playing "We were 
soldiers" as a Vietnamese against a decent US team, you will probably be 
of the same opinion. Great map, great gameplay, great shootin'.

Just my two cents.


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