[bf1942] upcoming 1.1

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Tue Jun 29 18:16:10 EDT 2004

I'm not against it being easy to get started with, but to showing health and
ammo on 3d-map I think is too far. 3d-map itself took away part of the '42
edge, and this is just another nudge that way. It doesn't make them easier
to kill really..anyone totally new to a map needs time to adjust. This is
making the maps easier, especially in custom maps or even some places in
retails where ammo/health isn't in a base and more in a small bunker w/o a
flag. Perhaps if only one ammo/health is displayed in flag radius I wouldn't
feel like so, but meh. Our server will have it disabled and I am quite sure
TWL/etc will have it disabled in their standard configurations as well.
Encouraging new players should be done with immersion first in my opinion,
such as working EAX/2/3 - new maps, vehicles, etc..Not by adding more things
to the 3d-hud our cyborg vietnam soldiers have. ;)

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Yeesss...and why would we want to encourage new players?  Or perhaps you
just like easier kills on all those noobs...understandable...

At 12:56 PM 6/27/2004, you wrote:
>Too 'noob-friendly' for the
>lack of a better term.

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