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Thanks for the reply Andy - Good to hear.

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> Anyone ever look into/find a solution to spawn tunnels 
> randomly not appearing as a spawn? I just lately have had to 
> restart the game often, especially on HoChi as even if I 
> start as NVA or start USA and switch to NVA, I can see the 
> tunnel on the ground but not use it. I read this someplace 
> else and that only a reinstall helped - Any ideas why this 

This is a known bug.  Restarting the client usually didn't help, and
reinstall certainly doesn't do anything.  The problem was caused by lack
of spawn tunnel synchronization between client and server

There was a workaround found... even mentioned, I think, in the 1.0 read
me.  The workaround didn't work in every situation, so the bug would
still show up intermittently.  If mod-makers are listening, the
workaround was to delay creation of the spawn points for about 20secs,
to allow clients to connect to the server (so they receive the object
creation events in order.

The spawn point system has since been rewritten heavily, and this bug
should be soundly squished in 1.1.

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