Spawn tunnels

Joe sechon at
Wed Jun 23 21:32:35 EDT 2004

Anyone ever look into/find a solution to spawn tunnels randomly not
appearing as a spawn? I just lately have had to restart the game often,
especially on HoChi as even if I start as NVA or start USA and switch to
NVA, I can see the tunnel on the ground but not use it. I read this
someplace else and that only a reinstall helped - Any ideas why this
happens/how to fix it besides reinstalling every time? I haven't changed a
thing..Installed XBF stunt mod but this didn't start happening until much
later. Only other non-standard thing in my bfv setup is the english
sound.rfa. Going to install to a new location and update then md5sum it and
see if anything isn't the same..Dunno what else to look at.

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