[bf1942] OT: please have a look at this, DICE Canada, resp. ANDY (or: Is this list still active?)

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Fri Jun 18 12:01:16 EDT 2004

Andy Berdan wrote:

>>- Reserved Slots (the same)
> <>
> This was mentioned a while back... As far as I know, it's implemented,
> and working as per bf1942 behaviour (ie, 32-player game & 2 reserved
> slots means that a password is asked for slot #31 and slot #32). Please
> correct me if it's otherwise.

This is how it works yes, But upon map change if the server is full (BF 
and BFV) it wil ask everyone for a password, not just those slots.

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