[bf1942] OT: please have a look at this, DICE Canada, resp. ANDY (or: Is this list still active?)

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Fri Jun 18 09:30:52 EDT 2004

Andy Berdan wrote:

> The broken Gamespy info was fixed in v1.02.

Is there a possibility that the gamespy info provides keyhashes also, 
like in BF1942..
It would be pretty handy, because on Clanbase we'd like to use it for 
BF:V leagues.
BF1942 has a nice portal at http://ehelion.battlefield1942.pl/ehelion/ 
where all keyhashes are logged.

Anyway, thanks for doing a great job. Hopefully communication like this 
will continue in the future.


Stefan Engbersen

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