[bf1942] OT: please have a look at this, DICE Canada, resp. ANDY (or: Is this list still active?)

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Fri Jun 18 08:43:12 EDT 2004

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> - Kill-Camera (not even a word on it)

I assume you mean the orbit death camera?  Done.  Next patch.

> - Reserved Slots (the same)

This was mentioned a while back... As far as I know, it's implemented,
and working as per bf1942 behaviour (ie, 32-player game & 2 reserved
slots means that a password is asked for slot #31 and slot #32).  Please
correct me if it's otherwise.

> - Punkbuster kicks (Original tone: It's not our problem)

One option that shows promise (from an old version of PB's release

"changed default for pb_sv_maxconupdates to 8 (from 5); admins who see
players kicked for update timeout on their servers should tweak this
setting up and/or down for optimal results; the higher the excess
bandwidth at the server, the higher this setting should be set to"

Unfortunately, PB is shipped to us as a bunch of dlls -- we don't really
have the ability to fix anything that they provide us.

> - Gamespy Problems (Again: Not our problem)

Problems with?

The broken Gamespy info was fixed in v1.02.

> - XML-Logging
>     don't know about the linux server, since I stopped working with it
>     (guess why), but windows is for sure not logging the way 

As was mentioned in a previous post (though, reading back on that, I can
see the misunderstanding), I mistakenly added the xml changes to the
release notes for 1.01.  However, they are implemented, and will be
going out with the 1.1 patch.  Sorry for the confusion.

> - Voting (Did I miss something?)

Voting itself was always working, but there was no interface.  The
interface is done.  Next patch.

> (from Sid Chrome [sidbo at xtra.co.nz]) Proper Spectator Mode

Likely (not 1.1).  It's on my todo list.

> (from Sid Chrome [sidbo at xtra.co.nz]) DEMO RECORDING!

Doubtful.  It's not on my todo list (or anyone else's) at all right now.

> Andy, I know you don't like the forums and I somehow can 
> understand why. Still, the forums really ARE the place, where 
> you actually see the problems the admins have (I think I 
> mentioned this already once... :)

It's not that I don't /like/ them... It's just that I don't have the
time to filter through them for the meaty bits.

> However, how about making a separate forum, where only 
> moderators or DICE employees can post? If the (very 
> experienced) admins at lightcubed.com can't solve a problem, 
> they move it to the "DICE Only"-Area and you would only have 
> to look at these posts.

I think this is a great idea -- however, I don't see it being too much
different than someone bringing the topic to the mailing list in the
same situation.  I'm perfectly happy with either situation.  Perhaps
it'd be best to have both, though.

> This list is nice and I receive many, many inputs on it that 
> I don't get on the forums (i.e. Zabbix), but let's face it: 
> the BF-related questions are usually not answered here...

Well, it's also pretty difficult for people to even find out that this
mailing list exists.  That, in itself, is a pretty high barrier to
entry.  Perhaps a link on lightcubed to archives/subscription or
something might help (or maybe I just missed the link).

On a final note, thanks (to everyone) for all the help in bringing
issues to my attention.  It helps me a lot, and I really do appreciate

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