[bf1942] pb_sv_extChar 0

Craig Kaiser scumbucket at cox.net
Sun Jun 6 17:41:19 EDT 2004

I am going to add to my own question.

For a few weeks now a certain clan has been been playing on our server in
preparing for a scrim against us.

Well the night of the scrim they said that they could not get in because of
our setting of pb_sv_extChar 0 in our PB would not allow them to play under
their tag.

I change this setting and the scrim begins.

To my amazement and horror our server started to generate their clan tags
server side messages. They should not no access to our server messages!

How did they do this?

Did I allow them access to my server through a means that is well shady to
say in the least?

I am just a little concerned over this setting change and it's side effect.

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