[bf1942] Drive death and building libraries for BFV

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Drive death and building libraries for BFVAll you need to do its keep it glibc 2.2 based glib 2.3 causes major headaches.

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  The slackware box I was using to build the BFV distributions just died.  I've been keeping things synced up with the source control system (luckily, I had some warning signs), so I didn't lose anything, but this still means that I have to rebuild the dev environment.

  However, I'm not terribly interested in using slackware (personal taste), but prefer debian.  I know that Peter (dpc) had some issues with getting the right libraries for the initial release (which is why he ended up using slack)... Does anyone recall the conversations, and/or have some specific library versions for me to use that will allow BFV to work on the bulk of the various linux distributions?


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