[bf1942] OT: /proc, top, ps broken in some linux kernels?

Miguel Filho miguel at casadavo.net
Wed Jun 2 13:49:30 EDT 2004

Try atop, it is a program like top, but far more complete


Steven Hartland wrote:

>Ok Im trying to get some comparison results between OS
>on the same machine running the same game servers.
>I've got my results for FreeBSD 5.2.1 and have just switched
>to Suse 9.0 i386 running kernel 2.4.21-215 ( stripped down
>compile ).
>The results Im seeing in top / ps appear to be just blatant
>crap. I've got a 32 player COD server with 32 players in
>it with when I load top will sometimes show as using 25%
>and sometimes show as using ~0% and not just for a few
>seconds either for minutes. Next I have a 32 player MOHAA
>server which again has 32 players in it and is only using
>2% CPU.
>As you will appreciate I don't believe this for one minute.
>But I have seen over the years people report just this type
>of usage on this list.
>So the question is /proc and hence ps / top broken in this
>kernel version? Is this some type of integer overflow in the
>kernel so instead of reporting say 66K of something its
>rolling over and reporting a very small number?
>Anyone how has posted CPU loads before that seem
>way too low I would be very interested to hear what
>kernel version / machine spec u are running ( could be
>a combination of a fast machine + specific kernel version
>that brings this to light ).
>Note: the kernel I had originally had the 10% @ idle
>issue till I recompiled is this an indication of the issue?
>    Steve / K

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