[bf1942] Funny gameplay changes!

Michael stuff at dustsmoke.com
Sat Jul 31 20:20:33 EDT 2004

> A few funny gameplay changes:
> The m60 is stronger than the mounted guns on the Corsair and Migs.
> The mi-8 has become a flying tank, really hard to kill it.
> The mounted m60's on the Huey are weaker than the normal m60.
> And now last but not least:
> The mutt has become heatseaking, but why the hell do they put these things
> on pure infantry maps, without flying objects? Hah :)
> Anyone else noticed anything funny at the gameplay?
> Sidenote: My opinion is, this is a bad patch.
> Regards,
> Stefan

This is the first BF series patch (nerf job) that I have to say I agree
with you.... I almost disagree with every aspect of it. Well, other than
the m60 being more powerful against helicopters, and some kind of AA for
the US... Not happy about the half assed job of modifying the mutt though.
Should have just been a new weapon like everybody was asking for. (a lot
of us liked and used the mutt when it used to be a tow)

But it doesn't look like we are alone with this take on the patch. If you
watch things like this, you'll notice the massive migration back to
bf942/dc. I switched my servers over yesterday.


Graphics aren't as nice, but the gameplay is a lot better. As if anybody
cared what I thought over there at Dice. If I were you guys, I'd think
about switching a few things around 'quickly' as to not lose the fanbase
or future sales. Take a poll and find out for yourself.


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