[bf1942] V1.1 Bugs (was RE: [bf1942] BF Vietnam v1.1 released)

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jul 29 18:00:03 EDT 2004

I'm pretty sure I was, but it was a long day yesterday so might have screwed
something up along the way.

It seemed in the end, that by adding the parameter manually to
serversettings.con or serverautoexec.con solved the issue for me anyways at
least. YMMV :) 

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Are you sure ur checking the right file. IIRC the dedicatedserver.exe used
to use a strangely placed file somewhere under the users documents iirc but
only if it happened to exist. Had me searching for ages as to why my server
was running the wrong map list.

    Steve / K
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> Further update to Kevins post, it appears that you need to manually 
> add the game.serverDeathCameraType parameter to the serversettings.con 
> file, setting it via the dedicatedserver.exe GUI did not add it to the 
> file. Note, this was the windows server binary only at this stage. I 
> haven't tested the linux build as yet.

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