[bf1942] V1.1 Bugs (was RE: [bf1942] BF Vietnam v1.1 released)

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jul 29 17:39:40 EDT 2004

Further update to Kevins post, it appears that you need to manually add the
game.serverDeathCameraType parameter to the serversettings.con file, setting
it via the dedicatedserver.exe GUI did not add it to the file. Note, this
was the windows server binary only at this stage. I haven't tested the linux
build as yet.

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> >     - Dedicated server can choose between death camera options of
> >       orbit/reveal killer/free cam.
> >         game.serverDeathCameraType <0|1>
> This doesn't seem to work. I make the setting, start the server, and 
> the option disappears from the serversettings.con file. Anyone else 
> had any luck with this? game.ServerFreeCamera is set to 0 in the 
> settings.

Just to try to nail it down, are you running a co-op game type?  I've seen
some reports of this bug specifically tied to co-op.  :P

> Also, seeing repeated, reproduceable server crashes on the Lang_Vei 
> map.
> Anyone else?

Eek.  Linux server only?
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