[bf1942] BF Vietnam v1.1 server installer :(

Jon Wolberg jon at ecgnetwork.com
Wed Jul 28 16:59:30 EDT 2004

When a patch comes out I usually run the new installer, it uninstalls old
one.  Run it again to install new one.  Then I copy all files from new
server and paste em over old server and overwrite.  Hasnt failed me since
day1 for BF1942/BFV.

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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> With that u don't know if there's something that should be
> removed. Really needs to be made more sensible.
>     Steve / K
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> From: "Jon Wolberg"
> > It only deletes things if you use the default install location for your
> > server.
> >
> > We install the server and then copy the folder elsewhere.
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