[bf1942] upcoming 1.1

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Mon Jul 19 19:18:41 EDT 2004

AIX Gaming wrote:

> Yeah, and it also made it so that if your team is losing, it's now
> completely impossible to recover because you can't sneak off to a distant
> base and take it real quick.  The enemy knows exactly where you are as
> soon as you get near it and they can pounce on you from the air before you
> can even turn the flag grey.  At least before, you had a fighting head
> start.

I agree completely. The ! icon was a very stupid idea - it discourages 
surprise attacks and encourages the generally very popular method of 
flying around in a heli and killing everything on the ground.

This is, of course, acceptable if one or two team members of each team 
do it, but I have seen whole teams in the air pounding the poor guys who 
were just trying to get some regular points by actually taking flags.

Especially the small helis (can't remember their name, was it Cobra?) 
are a PITA and can unbalance a whole round. But balancing is another 
issue, I guess :)


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