BBO Server Manager 4e released

Martin Steiger martin at
Sun Jul 11 05:36:40 EDT 2004

Kevin Lockitt just announced, that BBO Server Manager 4e has been

Quote from

It's been a long time coming and now it's finally here! I have posted BxSM
beta 4e on the BFSM and BVSM download pages. This is the biggest update to
BxSM since the BF1942 v1.6 patch release and is the product of about a month
of full-time work.

The change-list includes:

- Added completely new ban system to Server Manager
- Added in-game administration system to Server Manager
- Added functions for editing PunkBuster server config in SM and RM
- Converted Console dialog page in SM to a new Status info page
- Added Status and Client pages to RM
- Added mod filtering to the Maps menu
- Converted the Banned Names function into a Banned Words function
- Added an idle server map function to the Maps menu
- Added support for custom console commands to the player menu
- Added new admin CSV log for external support tools to use
- Added program option for logging player chat
- Added program option for admin messages (yellow or gray)
- Added program option for kick/ban delay (12 seconds)
- Added -exit command-line switch to BxSM for Windows
- Added -quiet command-line switch to BxSM for Windows
- Added -noadmin command-line switch to BxSMD for Linux
- Added -nodelay command-line switch to BxSMD for Linux
- Added support for the BFV Windows dedicated server now shipped with game
- Added new 'connect multiple times' user permission
- Added new 'change critical settings' user permission
- Added new 'issue console commands' user permission
- Added new 'edit PunkBuster settings' user permission
- Moved permissions controls to the User alt-menu
- Added support for custom permission presets
- Added new 'global' keyword to player menu config file
- Increased maximum user count from 64 to 100 in BxSMD
- Increased maximum server IPs from 32 to 64 in BxSM for Windows
- Added support for unencrypted entries in UserAccess.con for automated GSP
- Fixed numerous bugs and issues from beta 4d
- Improved error reporting in both SM and RM

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