[bf1942] bf:v - vtuneapi.dll ?

[JiF]Mike jif at mike3d.net
Fri Jul 9 10:54:11 EDT 2004

No offense is meant by this, but are you sure you searched everything?  I've
searched many times looking for a file only to later realize I forgot to
turn the "Search hidden and system folders" option on under the windows
search.  You probably did though, so just ignore me in that case.

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Ok, I will poke around and see if I can track down what ended up nuking it.
Thanks for the response Andy, I appreciate it. :)

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> Anyone up to sharing what "vtuneapi.dll" is and any ideas why my 
> vietnam installation lacks it?

vtuneapi.dll is used for performance tuning stuff, and is required for BF:V

Our resident build expert assures me that vtuneapi.dll shipped on the CD
with version 1.0.  I have no idea why it's gone on your system.

Looks like you're stuck with a reinstall.  You may want to use a file or
installation monitor to try to figure out what installer (or other
culprit) is wiping out the file.

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