bf:v - vtuneapi.dll ?

Joe sechon at
Thu Jul 8 13:18:53 EDT 2004

Anyone up to sharing what "vtuneapi.dll" is and any ideas why my vietnam
installation lacks it? has a streaming master ban list for
those of you that don't know
9), and it includes some extended pb checks via md5. I went to play on
another clan's server for a match last night, and me _and_ others were being
kicked for vtuneapi.dll's checksum failing. Confused, I poked around and I
do not have anything vtuneapi* on my system. Not a single instance,
anywhere. That would be the reason I got kicked, cos there is nothing to md5
thus it doesn't match, but I am hearing from some that the dll comes with a
standard installation. I only installed the 1.02 patch,  english voice mod,
and XBF-stunt - none of which would have touched my EA GAMES\BATTLEFIELD
VIETNAM\*.dll stuff. I recently formatted so this is a fairly fresh
installation of bf:v as well. I'd appreciate any clarification on
vtuneapi.dll's existance (disappearance?) and of course any suggestions as
to why mine seems to have grew legs and wandered off.

PS - Bit more details from me @ .

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