[bf1942] need specific instructions on installing the patch

Jason Trimble trimblej at rogers.com
Sat Jan 31 15:53:15 EST 2004

Put it in any directory you want.  Change to that directory and run the .run
file using ./<filename>.  It will ask you where you want to install the
bf1942 folder, so say something like ~/ (that would be your home directory).



From: Kyle Bernier [mailto:krbernier at hotmail.com] 
Sent: January 31, 2004 3:45 PM
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Subject: [bf1942] need specific instructions on installing the patch

sorry to be a pain but i finally got down tarballs  and bzip......and now
its changed again!!! my linux knowlege is very limited so please explain how
to install this  .run.. i assume i put it in the bf1942 dir the run it but
what command do i use? again sorry but  am linux challenged


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