[bf1942] Coop

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Sat Jan 31 08:16:45 EST 2004

AthlonRob wrote:

> Now, is coop here?
> I put this in my serversettngs.con file:
> game.serverGamePlayMode GPM_COOP
> ...however, on the statusmonitor it says GPM: CQ.

You have probably missed the fact that the setting is now a per-map 
setting in maplist.con, rendering the variable in serversettings.con 

And yes, GPM_COOP is there. Not on all maps (not on Caen, Aghelia, Coral 
Sea, Battle_of_britain), but it's there.


PS: Any chance we're going to get coop versions of the above maps?

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