[bf1942] Where's the bittorrent for the client patch?

Steve Getman steve at lightcubed.com
Fri Jan 30 18:39:58 EST 2004

I've got the patch files and have the torrents up.  My server is getting
hit pretty hard with the Linux server download at the moment so I'll need
some help seeding it...  Spread the word, the more people are downloading
it with BT the better it will be for all.

for the incremental patch


for the full download.


Steve Getman
steve at lightcubed.com

<quote who="AthlonRob">
> On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 12:50, David Krider wrote:
>> Surely someone on this list has a spare T3, right?
> If a few people have the thing downloaded, you don't need a T3 to serve
> it up bittorrent style.
> The EAGames download went out on me, saying source file could not be
> read (a new one for me, I think)... I'm now 15 minutes from getting it
> from fileplanet.  BitTorrent would be *so* much nicer.
> Rob

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