[bf1942] scripts in BF anytime?

craig kaiser scumbucket at cox.net
Mon Jan 26 19:20:44 EST 2004

I disagree on the importance of ease of admin features in game. Now if all
you care about is selling servers and your not a player then I would agree.
But if you play on your server then changes your prospective!

I would think the difference would be very small. Just do not make it fancy
and fluffy. Admins do not need that anyways:)

Using the alt tab method, I have found that it works much easier and
reliable if I leave the BF Manger max'd. When I leave it minimized I have
found that 99% of the time I lose my cursor or have to wait for it to show.
There by delaying my fun.

A drop down gui in game would be sweet or even an ESC to the first menu
would be equally as nice:)

Pirates Bloody Cove

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Admin users are only a small percentage of people running the client, why
add the weight to it?  Seems to make more sense to have an external admin
application that can be loaded by those who are actually in need of it.

Steve Getman

<quote who="craig kaiser">
> In game admin gui control would be awesome thereby making BF1942 that much
> more ahead of the other games. Admin control of any game server is so
> important and admin features are one ticket often underlooked.
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> ...or the server could detect an admin based on his keyhash.
> ...and there could be an ingame admin GUI.
> :o)
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>>To: bf1942 at icculus.org
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>>Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:27:19 +0100
>>was thinking of client scripts... I know about the autoexec and other con
>>but client (remote) admining is quite a hard hard job these days (when we
>>play BF, hehe - am used to the ease of the HL console admining).
>>thanks for the fast reply though Andreass...
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