[bf1942] Optimized binaries

AthlonRob AthlonRob at axpr.net
Tue Jan 20 22:53:02 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 19:50, Andrew A. Chen wrote:
> Would it be possible to get two sets of binaries in the next release?
> Idealy, one set with Athlon optimizations enabled and another with i686
> optimizations?  Or better yet, if you have access to the Intel compiler,
> that would be superb.  :)  Thanks.

ICC only does C++, doesn't it?  Is the server written in C++?

Some CPU-specific optimizations might be nice... but I'd be willing to
wager they're already there... nobody is running the server on <=i586
hardware.  Overly optimizing software tends to introduce bugs, as well. 
I understand the server, as it stands today, is great among gaming
servers as far as stability is concerned, but compared to traditional
servers, is still fairly unstable... seg faulting every now and then...
optimizations are only going to make that more common.  :-\

Optimizations are great for increasing speed, just be aware they can
also introduce stability issues.


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