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> On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 14:39, cracka wrote:
> > How do I unsubscribe?
> Simply write the word "unsubscribe" on the back of a hundred dollar bill
> and send it to:
>     icculus.org Unsubscription Service
>     1 St Francis Place #5209
>     San Francisco, CA 94107 
> and we will be happy to send you the appropriate forms. Once you receive
> the forms, you will be able to order an authorization key for
> downloading the special icculus.org unsubscription software. Once your
> key arrives in the mail, simply go to the icculus.org unsubscription web
> page and fill in your key along with appropriate personal information.
> In addition to the disclaimer that your home address and e-mail will be
> given to targeted advertising groups across the nation, there are some
> limitations to the availability of the icculus.org unsubscription
> software. First, the software contains encryption, so it cannot be
> downloaded by someone living outside of the continental US (our
> sophisticated server will check your address for proof of this). Second,
> the software contains certain algorithms that are patented under US
> patent law, so it cannot be downloaded by someone living in the United
> States (our sophisticated server will check your address for proof of
> this).
> Once you have received the software, simply refer to the extensive
> 300-page manual (available in hardcover or trade paperback from
> icculus.org publishing, Inc. for the affordable sum of $400 plus
> shipping and handling charges and kickbacks for the courier service).
> You should be able to unsubscribe from any icculus.org mailing list
> version 2.3 or prior (note: a patch for the current 4.3 icculus.org list
> is in the works, and should be available by Christmas 1999! On a similar
> note, the new 5.0 icculus.org list should be in operation by October
> 1999!).
> In addition to unsubscribing you from the mailing list, you will also
> receive (as our gift to you for a mere additional $4.99) a
> strontium-plated icculus.org yoyo, complete with 30-page instruction
> booklet and lead-lined asbestos oven mitt! Note that this is not
> commonly available in the United States due to federal regulations, but
> it is possible through the icculus.org rider in the latest CDA bill!
> ------
> Thought it might provide a laugh to someone who hadn't seen it before.
> This is blatantly ripped off from:
> http://www.crackmonkey.org/faq.html#ANSWER3
> Regards,
> dk

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