[bf1942] 1.6 patch details

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Sat Jan 17 01:57:57 EST 2004

Jon Wolberg wrote:

> My one problem is the cheap advertising ploy by EA putting the button 
> to their server rental page in the in-game browser.....whats next, 
> banner ads?
> Jon Wolberg
> Tech Support Manager
> www.ECGNetwork.Com <http://www.ECGNetwork.Com>


It would be nice if we could set that url no? game.serverrentalurl = 
"http://yourdoamin.com/servers.php" <http://yourdoamin.com/servers.php>  
Afterall without us hosting these servers, BF1942 would have never 
succeeded, noone really buys it for the single player.

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