[bf1942] 1.6 patch details

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Fri Jan 16 17:24:41 EST 2004

you know...we should all just let this idea die.  speaking for myself, i 
don't enjoy seeing advertising becoming more and more pervasive, and i sure 
don't want to see ads when i'm gaming, particularly when i've paid for the 
game.  i realize running servers is a different issue at this time, but in 
the longer run i think residential internet connections will not be 
asymmetric (as they largely are artificially now) and it won't be such an 
issue to run one out of your home.

but in any case, an ad for Viagra on the nose of a Zero wouldn't exactly 
enhance the WWII immersive environment.


At 05:18 PM 1/16/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 11:57, Steve Getman wrote:
>>>Fairly small audience unfortunately.  At most probably a few hundred
>>>people per month and the only thing you know about them demographically is
>>>that they play games... (which are not typically big ticket items)
>I get around 25-35K different players per month on my servers.

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