[bf1942] Couldn't get player stats! Invalid argument (22)

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Thu Jan 15 04:08:18 EST 2004

craig kaiser wrote:

>lol, thanks InCisT
>This was never an issue before but now it is becoming quite annoying!
>Thats BFSM not the actual linux server. take it up with KEV. he was
>supposed to fix this before his self rightous leave of absence.

Yea I had it pop-up on one of my boxes, it wrote the debug info so fast 
to the log that the journal deamon for ext3 shit a brick.  I fsck'd the 
drive, and created a new directory (hopefully in a different part of the 
drive) thinking it was a disk issue. It didnt fix it, i didnt use bfsm 
for a while, went back to it for a client on that same server, and works 
fine. Im not sure what the issue is or whatever, all kev told me was 
"buffer corruption"


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