[bf1942] Couldn't get player stats! Invalid argument (22)

KLM klemen at 515tem.com
Mon Jan 12 04:45:03 EST 2004

It does work quite well with 1.5... If you counter problems they come frequently
due to some of th next facts:
- check the capital letters of your folder names (yes, even in mods - many mods
have wrong capitals in the names of folders like archive or bf1942)
- delete the default BF settings.con - BFRM uses it's own (the ones with the
small capital -> serversettings.con and not ServerSettings.con - I don't really
remember which files you have to delete, but I believe there are like 3 or 4
(maps? Admin? Hm...)
- I start my bfsmd without the -deamon function - try this one
- I'll give u more when I remember something usefull

Regards, Klemen

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craig kaiser wrote:

> 2004-01-11 21:19:28 : Server terminated with exit code 11.

That looks unhealthy. Exit code 11 is usually a segmentation fault. Be 
advised that (to my knowledge) the blackbagops RM 2.0 does not work with 
the current (1.5) server release, so that could be your problem.


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