[bf1942] punkbuster and mods

brammes brambugmail at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 10 12:09:45 EST 2004

--- Charles 'wokka' Goldsmith <wokka at justfamily.org>
> Educate me please :)
> How is PB going to affect mods? Will the mod authors
> have to code in 
> support for PB? Or does pb automattically work with
> mods?  I've also 
> heard that things like pb and bfsecure only check
> files, but do not look 
> at programs simply running in memory.
> Thanks!
> wokka

Well if they don't check programs running in the
memory, I don't think PB won't have any use. Almost
all current cheats available use your memory. Don't
think evenbalance/dice/ea will have overseen this ...

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