[bf1942] Feature Request.

Miguel Filho miguel at casadavo.net
Wed Jan 7 21:24:21 EST 2004

Actually, this is not a feature of HLDS, it´s a bug, because if you
have 2 nics, one with an real IP and another with an LAN ip, if you
not specify the ip do bind, the hlds will listen on every address.

But, if you specify the IP, the local network broadcast will fail, even
if you specify the internal ip only.


Adam 'Starblazer' Romberg wrote:
> Andreas, is there any possibility to add a server side functionality kinda
> like Half-Lifes, where a server can be Internet, and also accept LAN
> connections when someone browses the "Local" server browser?
> Requested Why?  My in-store customers would rather go to "Local" than have
> to go "Internet" then filter out our server then join.
> Thanks
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