BF1942 Logging Request

Andrew Von Niederhausern avonnied at
Thu Jan 1 00:32:55 EST 2004

First off.. the logging function is awesome..

but i would like to suggest (i know its too late for 1.6) to maybe suggest the addition of the logging of the tickets.

i started working on a match based stats page and one feature i was hoping to do was to give a graph of axis vs allied ticket count over time (for anyone who looked at netstat's UT CTF stats kindof know what i mean)..

i was a little disappointed to find the log files really logs everything but the ticket events.. tickets lost by deaths and TKs and whatnot are easy enough to extrapolate but the tickets lost due to Blinking don't seemed to be anywhere... Unless they are designated by the DeathNoMsg type (there is a Death and a DeathNoMsg).. i wouldn't think this would be it though since there is a player_id associated with this.. 

anyways just wanted to suggest it and if anyone has info on the xml log please share or point to a resource page..


Happy New Year everyone.

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