[bf1942] [OT] Do you also become that?

Misao misaochankun at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 26 16:59:00 EST 2004

It's just an annoying 'anti-spam' gateway. You can either click on the link
it gives to verify you are not a spammer, or blacklist the thing and not
worry about it. It is a little extreme, but seems to make people happy.

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Hello Mailinglist,

 after mailing to this list, everytime I become mails liks this:

> A message you recently sent to a 0Spam.com user with the subject "Re:
[bf1942] just
> remove me" was not delivered because they are using the 0Spam.com
anti-spam service. 
> Please click the link below to confirm that this is not spam. When you
confirm, this
> message and all future messages you send will automatically be accepted.
> http://www.0spam.com/verify.cgi?user=1077266008&verify=127314
> ========================================
> This is an automated message from 0Spam.com.
> Please do not reply to this Email.
> Looking for a free anti-spam service?
> Visit us at http://www.0spam.com to find out more.

Did you also? What or for what is that?

Greetings, Mic.
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