[bf1942] BF1942 Linux 1.6 server starts then exits

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Wed Feb 25 16:34:00 EST 2004

Thanks for the replies.  I've got content checking turned off, and I'm
using the latest EOD that I just downloaded from eodmod.com.  Out of
curiosity, I downloaded and started running Desert Combat just as a test,
and that works fine, with people able to connect.  It's only EOD that
doesn't work.  I noticed that DC has linux server files that has a
download that's twice the size of the Windows version.  EOD doesn't have a
separate server version for Linux.  Is it incompatible with linux servers?

> Also this can happen by not having the most current version of EOD
> installed
> on the server.
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>>For loading a mod like EOD, make sure the content check setting is off,
>> as
>>for running plain old BF you've likely got it set on.
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>>You're the man.  I cleared out the maplist and started fresh and that did
>>it.  Here's my next problem, I hope it's something obvious.  When I run
>>BF1942 maps, people can connect and everything's great.  But when I load
>> up
>>EOD maps, the server runs fine (no errors in the logs) but when people go
>>connect, they get dropped back to the desktop after 3/4 of the loading
>>screen.  No one can connect.  Thoughts? Thanks again.
>> > AIX Gaming wrote:
>> >
>> >>Hey guys, first time posting here, sorry if this is in the wrong spot.
>> >>Having trouble with the 1.6 server running on debian linux.  I've got
>> >>everything installed by when I go to run it, it just goes for a few
>> >>seconds, then goes back to the prompt with no remaining process.
>> >>Independent of log settings, I can't manage to get any error codes or
>> >>log entries out of it.  Any ideas?  Thanks.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> > Check for an invalid map entry. That will kill the server with no log
>> > or error anywhere.
>> >
>> > InCisT
>> >
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