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Tue Feb 24 12:36:13 EST 2004

Well, just my opnion... forget this idea, Andreas and DICE are now 
working on BF:Vietnam, and I supose that DICE will only keep BF1942
current with bugfixes. New features, develop an API for plugins and
stuff like that are not in the plans of DICE/EA for sure.
They merged punk buster into BF because it is the SOLUTION and 
evenbalance take the responsability of suporting it, and DICE
goes with new projects.

I´m specting just one or two more patches for BF1942 and then the
game is DONE.


Morten Striboldt wrote:

> I don't think that Alfred Reynolds (now working for Valve) would port
> AdminMod for free to BF1942 :) I once made a request to Andreas about
> implementing AdminMod like features, or make a server API which plugin
> developers would be able to use.
> AFAIR he wasn't so happy about that thought.
> Best regards / Med venlig hilsen 
> Morten Striboldt - Systemadministrator 
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> Just e-mail the maker of AdminMod and see if he can take a look into BF to
> setup maybe something in the manner of Statsme and AdminMod
> -Nate
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> You want details? I'll serve them up.
> Basically, UA wants to set up some sort of plug-in system that any game can
> use so that every game can have the same useful/fun information available.
> We would like to get BF for example the ability to use Clanmod, Statsme, or
> HLstats without massive tweaking. For those not familiar with these
> products: Clanmod is an admin control program. The 'Clan' part of the name
> is to highlight its abilities to organize clan matches/scrims etc in the
> best possible manner. All of this is done in game via menu, or console.
> Statsme is an in-game stats plug-in. This gives players details like how
> much damage they did, how far the shot went, where it hit them, who killed
> them and where they got shot, top 15 players on the server, etc. HLstats is
> a live running stats web plug-in. It feeds live off the log stream from the
> Half-life server and calculates stats on the fly.
> Another nice plug-in that already has basic BF support is phpUA. This is a
> web plug-in that lets you see live or delayed player stat information such
> as hitpoints, gun used, or even location. For mods that have the support, it
> even offers a map of the current server layout, and dots indicating player
> locations. A demo of this can be found at . This
> project only lacks the ability to gather location and other related data to
> make the map and location dots work for BF.
> UA has a number of other projects as well that could be ported to use the BF
> engine. We have a number of bots for different games, as well as a few
> anti-cheat programs that work rather well. We are aware that DICE is using
> that PB code in the game now, but just as Valve has learned with their VAC,
> there is never anything wrong with extra protection. 
> My goal is to find people that can help get this Mod Connection together.
> All of these projects need people that know certain games and how they run,
> as well as how to plug in program to gather the information needed. All of
> the above products have the potential to work in BF/DC/GC if we can just
> find out how to get that working with the base products. The name of the
> product that will include Clanmod and Statsme together is Titan. UA hopes to
> get Titan working with just about any online game so that we can then base
> other universal plug-ins off of it. 
> For more information, the UA website is found here: 
> Feel free to continue emailing me directly if you have further questions. I
> know a lot of you seem interested in phpUA for example, and I would be happy
> to pass along any questions or information.
> Misao

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