[bf1942] XML Logging event request.

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Wed Feb 18 18:37:54 EST 2004

In the same spirit, here's a list of the bugs/oddities/annoyances I've
found in the (BF1942 v1.6) XML logs so far. . .


1.    Radio messages (e.g. F1-F1 = "Roger") are sometimes
      shown as coming from the wrong player_id.

2.    In Objective Mode games, scoreEvents for achieving an objective,
      or TKing an objective, are *not* generated.  They *do* show up
      in the bf:roundstats structure at the end of the log, but unlike
      other scoring events, there is no scoreEvent associated with them
      in the log file.  Pretty sure this is a bug.  Similarly, I
      haven't been able to find any scoreEvents to correspond to the
      "Captures", or "Defences" (sic) parameters in bf:roundstats.

3.    There are two forms of destroyVehicle event; one happens when
      a vehicle is destroyed normally, and the second, missing some
      of the normal parameters, occurs only when a player is
      automatically killed or kicked for team killing (I think this
      is due to BFSM sending a console command to BF1942).  This
      doesn't seem harmful (it's easy for parsers to ignore, since the
      data the short-form destroyVehicle contains is redundant), but
      it is likely a bug.


1.    There is no event when game is paused or unpaused--yet that
      *is* important information to have.

2.    Administrator messages (e.g. game.sayall) are not logged; it
      sure would be nice if they were.

3.    Player IP addresses are not logged.

4.    There is no logging of vote activities, such as map changes
      or votes to kick players.  I've found these votes, while
      useful, can also be abused, but since they're not logged,
      you can't track down what's going on.

5.    Log file time and date information isn't recorded in the
      log file anywhere-you can only get it from the *name*
      of the file itself.  This isn't a bug, but it would be handy
      to have the data self-contained within the log.

6.    When a game ends, there isn't any indication of why it ended-
      was the time limit reached?  Score limit?  Manual map change?
      Map vote?  The reason for the game ending ought to be logged.

7.    If a player doing a heal or repair is killed while the heal
      or repair is in progress, there is no endRepair or endMedpack
      event. [Thanks to InCisT for pointing this one out].  Yes, you
      can infer the appropriate end event from other events in the
      stream, but to me that's a workaround.

  thiessen at cyberscapearena.com

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Woudl it be possible to generate an "endRepair" if you die while 
repairing?  An example of the end repair is below.

<bf:event name="endRepair" timestamp="1395.34">
    <bf:param type="int" name="player_id">11</bf:param>
    <bf:param type="vec3" 
    <bf:param type="int" name="repair_status">687</bf:param>


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