[bf1942] Flaw by design?

Medic medic at i4games.net
Tue Feb 17 05:08:29 EST 2004

> So my suggestion is that Andreas talks with the
> dev-team how to implement a check so that single players cannot vote
> until a second player is connected. Then he will only have 50% and
> then the problem can be easily fixed by setting the majority to 51%.
> Then they would have to pair up to do the same thing.  The
> alternative solution is to redo the netcode in such a way that it
> does not reset the connection at mapchange from a client to the
> server as this is how battlefield seem to work at the moment
> ( This is only what I've heard from another admin that did netstat
> -a on a gnu/linux-server while changing maps ). Although this
> alternative is not as likely to happen.

Or simply force the players to wait for x seconds since the map start
before being able to vote. That delay will allow the slower players to


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