[bf1942] Server Utilization

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Thu Feb 12 13:43:37 EST 2004

InCisT wrote:

> Roland Kool wrote:
>> We have private and public servers combined. Private servers, which are
>> normally empty during the day, are taking up valuable CPU now. And they
>> are effecting performance which is not good, of course.
>> Roland
> Be a good providor, and dont oversell your boxes then.
> I:nCisT
Stop insulting like that, has nothing todo will overselling boxes.
It's a matter of not well coded binaries, this just should not happen.
Wondering what you'd say if your xterm would suck 50% of your cpu.
'it's backgrounded anyway, i dont use it, so why would you worry?'
or something like that ? it just makes no sense, 1.5 didn't have this, 
1.6 does.
Something ain't right, we also try to give dice some feedback, so they 
can look into it and improve their products.
So quit saying we shouldn't worry.

Stefan Engbersen

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